Our Internet Store and our shop in Paducah are now closed and Caryl & Ron have moved to Port Townsend, Washington. Caryl has a new studio and gallery in their home overlooking Puget Sound, where she will host occasional open studio days.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who ordered from us during our seventeen years online, and those who made our last big Quilt Week at the Bryerpatch Studio in Paducah such a success. We appreciate everyone who stopped by to wish us well. We will continue to maintain our website, and keep you up-to-date on Caryl's new work and exhibitions. Sign up for our newsletter to be sure not to miss our latest announcements.
Caryl's fabrics and publications continue to be available online and at selected quilt shows from Joy's Fabrics and Quilts. Some of Caryl's patterns & CD's are also available at Paper Pieces.

To purchase one of Caryl's art quilts for sale, or license one of her images for publication, contact us at:

Information about our publications:

Our complete workshops on CD-ROM offer detailed information and hundreds of full color close-ups of every step in Caryl's techniques. For the same price as the average how-to book, you get far more than we could ever include in a book or pattern. We think this is the "how-to book" of the future. Unlike a video, where you have to think as fast as the teacher speaks, you can study each image as long as you like and scroll forward or backward until you are sure you understand the information. The CD's are organized in chapters, so you can pick up where you left off in your project.

PLEASE NOTE: These are CD-ROM for your PC computer. They are not movies or DVD's and will not play on your TV set.
: Some of the newer Apple computers with dual boot systems have been able to run our CD's, but we can't promise that they will run on yours.

Please be patient
No special software is needed. The program opens automatically when you put the disc into your CD drive. HOWEVER there are lots of graphics on our CDs so they may take longer than expected to open. Depending on your computer and the speed of your CD drive, it could take over a minute for the program to open. Take a deep breath, do some stretches or have a cup of tea:)
* If your IT person has disabled your "auto-run" feature, you may need to "explore" the CD folder under "My Computer" and double click on the program file.
* If your CD drive is slow, you can copy the program file onto your hard drive and it may run faster.
* If the program opens but stops running half way through, it can indicate that your CD drive needs cleaning. Just copy the program onto your hard drive and it will run just fine.

GUARANTEE: We test all of our CDs to make sure they work before they leave our studio. If an elephant sits on your CD or if it has been damaged in any other way in transit, we will be happy to replace it within 30 days. We can not be responsible for the operation of CD's which have been stored for extended periods of time in environments that we cannot control.

RECOMMENDATIONS: People often ask us the recommend the CD that gives the most information. Naturally we can't include everything on one CD, so depending on your personal goals or interests here are some recommendations.

.COLOR: The most complete information about how Caryl gets her eye-dazzling color effects can be found on the Feather Study #28 CD. Color is also discussed on the CD's for Soaring Compliments and Migration Wall Hanging.
CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES: Caryl shows you every step of every technique from cutting out the pattern to sewing on the binding and hanging sleeve on the Soaring Compliments CD. Caryl's applipiecing technique for curved piecing is also included on the CD's for Migration Wall Hanging, Feather Study #28, Square Dance.
MACHINE QUILTING: Naturally our Drawing with Thread: The Fine Art of Machine Quilting will have the most information about the nitty gritty details of machine quilting. We also cover some machine quilting techniques on the CDs for Migration Wall Hanging, Soaring Compliments, and Illusion.
DESIGN: The Square Dance CD covers how to draw and mark your own pattern for Applipiecing® as well as all the details you need to master this fast, easy, and accurate technique.


Please read the individual descriptions to see what is included.

  • Some of our titles are complete patterns with step by step instructions.
  • Some are patterns only (without instructions) for those who have already learned the techniques.
  • Some patterns come with very basic instructions for the techniques with more detailed instructions and a gallery of inspiration available in a separate complete workshop on CD.
  • Some are just instructions for techniques which you can use to create your own original designs. These would include Creative String Piecing, High Tech Tucks, and Spinning Hexagons.

Why some of our patterns and instructions are sold separately:
We don't think you should have to pay for what you don't need. Many people just want to learn Caryl's techniques in order to create their own original designs, so we sell our complete workshops on CD separately from the full size patterns. Others have taken Caryl's workshops and already know the techniques. They just want the printed pattern. Some of our patterns are also versions of older, one-of-a-kind work that was never intended to become a pattern. Due to multiple requests, we have reproduced copies of the patterns for these pieces without instructions.



Quilts for Sale

Yes!!! I do sell my quilts.

Because they often find new homes while I'm away from home teaching, I do not sell them through the shopping cart. Please visit my Quilts for Sale Page, and contact me privately if you would like to purchase a quilt.