Checking Over the Rainbow #1
by Caryl Bryer Fallert
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  • Copyright © 1987 Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • Size:  10
  • Techniques: Hand dyed, hand painted, hand pleated, machine pieced and quilted
  • Materials: 100% silk fabric, rayon yarn
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Design Concept & Process
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Design Concept:

This ensemble began with a skirt that is a color study in motion. When still, the skirt appears to be solid black, with a diagonal panel of white checks on the left side. When in motion, the 54, extra deep pleats swing out to reveal a complete spectrum of 27 rainbow colors on the undersides. The skirt is meant to swing and twirl. The skirt closes on the right side with covered buttons in ten shades of the rainbow.

The matching sweater vest was intarsia knit on a knitting loom, using shiny rayon yarn. It is solid black, with white checks covering the right shoulder in a diagonal panel. The neckline of the sweater is closed with rainbow colored silk buttons along the shoulder. Under the sweater-vest is a silk-satin blouse, with long sleeves and a matching scarf. The sleeves of the blouse and the scarf were hand painted in rainbow hues and black and white checks, using Jacquard silk dyes and a gutta resist. Both the sweater vest and blouse were damaged beyond repair during cleaning (around 2009). A matching hand-painted silk scarf remains.

The coat, (sold in about 1988), is based on a circle. In the front, the edges of the circle fold back into lapels. The lapels were string pieced with graduated hand-dyed silk in a rainbow gradation on one side. On the other side, black and white strip-pieced fabric was string pieced to make a curving checkerboard. The rainbow arcs and checkerboard are echoed in the back panel of the coat.

Also missing:
Black shoes were decorated with white squares to make checked toes. The crown of a white hat was painted black and decorated with a hand-painted silk band.


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