Ron and Caryl's trip to Indonesia (Java & Bali) 2014
The final big event of our year in 2014 was a 3-week trip, in October and November, to Indonesia, together with good friends, Alden and Karin Mead, who were colleagues of Ron’s at the University of Minnesota for many years.  Of the 6000 inhabited islands in Indonesia, we visited Bali, perhaps the most famous, and Java, the most populated.  Bali was more enjoyable, mostly because the traffic was horrendous in Java—especially in the capital, Jakarta.  However, both islands provided rich cultural experiences, with wonderful hotels and great food.  Our first ten days we were with an Odyssey Tour. After the tour, we spent an extra four days exploring the art centers of Bali on our own, staying at a wonderful resort called Amori Villa. We returned with thousands of pictures, and here is a small sampling. Click on the pictures to go forward or use the forward and back arrows at the top of each picture.
Below is the view from our hotel in Jakarta. The call for prayer came at 4am every day. It was very poluted and congested.


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