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Since I have retired from teaching and retail, I am, as time permits, offering patterns, digital workshops, and instructions, free of charge (and commercial free), on this page. Enjoy!
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February, 2018
Eye-Dazzling Foundation Piecing in a Freeform Curve
Learn to draw almost any paper-piecing pattern into a curved template without measuring or math! Caryl demonstrates her simple methods for drawing designs then explains how she plugs in color and value for her eye-dazzling special effects.

Click here for the complete tutorial (55M)
This is a 55M PDF file and may take a minute or two to download, depending on the speed of your modem.


February, 2018
Button Weed Tutorial
This tutorial explains, from start to finish, the creative process used in my Button Weed quilts. Click Here for the whole slide show.

Click here for the complete tutorial (11M)

February, 2018
Soaring Compliments Pattern & Complete Digital Workshop
I made Soaring Compliments in 2003 as a teaching tool to illustrate many of the techniques I use in making my own art quilts. It was accompanied by a digital workshop on CD for PC computers, which I used in my own workshops and sold to quilt shops and vendors in many different countries. In 2014, I retired from retail and from teaching. We are now offering this workshop, free of charge, in PDF(78M) form so it can be viewed on both PC and MAC computers.

Click for complete workshop

This is a very large (78M) file, so give it a few minutes to fully load before viewing or downloading. If you are viewing this in Adobe Acrobat Reader, we recommend that you use the "fit to page" function so you can see one whole page at a time and use the up and down arrows to navigate.
You can find the full size pattern at

For your personal use only, this may be printed at your local print shop on 25” x 36” (or larger) sheets. This is a 12M jpg file, so give it time to fully load before printing.


July, 2017
In 1990 I first experimented with piecing overlapping transparent triangles. From 1990 to 2014 I taught hundereds of my students how to make their own Illusion quilts. To see other quilts in this style, click here. Since I have now retired from teaching and selling patterns, I am offering this as a complimentary pattern & lesson. These instructions were originally written for use with hand dyed fabrics in 8 shade gradations. I later developed a pattern for use with my Gradations Collection from Benartex. As time permits, I'll add those instructions at later date.
Pattern & Supply List:
Click here
for a full size (24" x 36") pattern and supply list for the quilt pictured above. For your personal use only, you may print it out or take it to your local printing service. This is a 5M, 300dpi jpg file.
Click here
for written instructions.


June, 2017
Flying Geese in a Curve: Drawing & piecing instructions + free patterns
In 1990 I first experimented with piecing "Flying Geese" in a curved template with non-parallel sides on the back of my quilt Migration #1. It was so much fun I used this motif in many of my later quilts (click here to see them). From 1990 to 2014 I taught hundereds of my students how to draw and piece their own flying geese.
Migration Wall Hanging Pattern & Instructions
Since I have retired from teaching, I am now offering this free pattern & lesson.
Click here for a full size (18" x 24") pattern for the quilt pictured above. For your personal use only, you may print it out or take it to your local printing service.
Click here for written instructions.

For a free pattern for flying geese in a circle click here.


April, 2017
Finishing Tutorial
Recently I have received a lot of questions about my binding technique. This 97 page tutorial, slide show was originally published in 2003, as the final chapter in a 3 disc workshop on CD and shows all of my finishing techniques in detail. NOTE: This PDF is 11M. Please be patient. It may take a minute to load.


January 2017
Dye Painting Fabric Tutorial
This page includes many pictures of the fabrics I have painted with dye and a slide show that illustrates exactly how I do it.


Summer 2016
"How to" Tutorial (technique, studio ideas, etc.):
This 98 page online book/slide show documents the making of Fossil Fantasy from concept to final stitch. Along the way I share studio ideas, favorite tools, techniques, and sources of supply. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE!!

  • Slide Show: This is the online version with 1024 x 768 px images.
  • High Resolution PDF: This version had much more detail and it is printable. This is a 38M PDF file, so please be patient while it loads.


How do you make a Cattywampus Log Cabin Quilt?

  • Find complete instructions at bottom of each of the Cattywampus Log Cabing quilt record pages.

Machine Quilting

  • Managing a large quilt
  • Sewing machines
  • Deciding on a quilting design, and how to mark it?
  • Batting
  • Quilt suspension system instructions.

Studio Ideas

  • What size is your studio?
  • How do you store your fabric?
  • What kind of design wall do you have?
  • What kind of lighting do you use?
  • Take a tour of Caryl's ultimate dream studio.
Quilt Care: Hanging, Shipping & Storage
  • How do you store your quilts?
  • How do you ship your quilts?
  • How do you hang your quilts?
  • What kind of rods do you use to hang your quilts?
  • How does light affect your quilts?
  • How do you make a shipping tube?

Pricing and Selling Your Work

  • Can you offer some advice on pricing?
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