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  • April, 2017
    Finishing Tutorial
    Recently I have received a lot of questions about my binding technique. This 97 page tutorial, slide show was originally published in 2003, as the final chapter in a 3 disc workshop on CD and shows all of my finishing techniques in detail. NOTE: This PDF is 11M. Please be patient. It may take a minute to load.
  • Summer 2016
    "How to" Tutorial (technique, studio ideas, etc.):
    This 98 page online book/slide show documents the making of Fossil Fantasy from concept to final stitch. Along the way I share studio ideas, favorite tools, techniques, and sources of supply. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE!!
    • Slide Show: This is the online version with 1024 x 768 px images.
    • High Resolution PDF: This version had much more detail and it is printable. This is a 38M PDF file, so please be patient while it loads.

  • Machine Quilting
    • Managing a large quilt
    • Sewing machines
    • Deciding on a quilting design, and how to mark it?
    • Batting
    • Quilt suspension system instructions.
  • About Caryl's Studio
    • What size is your studio?
    • How do you store your fabric?
    • What kind of design wall do you have?
    • What kind of lighting do you use?
    • Take a tour of Caryl's ultimate dream studio.
  • Quilt Care: Hanging, Shipping & Storage
    • How do you store your quilts?
    • How do you ship your quilts?
    • How do you hang your quilts?
    • What kind of rods do you use to hang your quilts?
    • How does light affect your quilts?
    • How do you make a shipping tube?
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